Deluxe chemical toilet rentals: our best options

Used during outdoor events or on construction worksites, chemical toilets are essential for the comfort of your guests or workers. When you lease one or more chemical toilets, you have the ability to create a sanitary facility in any place not served by the water supply network.

The type of event will determine the most suitable portable toilet model for your needs. For weddings and fashionable receptions, deluxe chemical toilets are obviously the most popular choices.

Here are a few examples of our best options in chemical toilets!

Deluxe chemical toilet rentals for weddings

When a wedding is well organized, it’s a happy event that leaves fond memories to last a lifetime. You should leave no detail to chance, especially when it comes to the comfort of your guests.

That’s why you should install deluxe chemical toilets (restroom trailers) in a strategic location on the site of your event. They can include more than one unit, thus allowing everyone to save time. Is summer in full swing? These deluxe units can be air-conditioned!

Deluxe portable toilets for weddings also include the following options:

  • Hot water and heating for cold weather
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Connection to a ½-inch water supply line
  • A 165 gal./750 L clean water tank
  • A 370 gal./1,700 L wastewater tank

Luxurious chemical toilet

Our Luxurious model rental toilets obviously include a hand sink and soap dispenser, but also a mirror, lighting and flushing toilets (foot- or hand-activated), allowing for improved odor control. For a more fashionable event, you may prefer restroom trailers to chemical toilets.

Emerald restroom trailer: more space, more luxury!

7 unitésAmong the available restroom trailers, the Emerald model is one of the best options. With seven spaces for men and women, the Emerald toilet trailer is quite large, making it the perfect choice for big events. Another significant advantage is that it can connect to the sewer network.

Below are some of the other specifications of the Emerald restroom trailer.

  • Length: 19 feet
  • Width: 8 feet
  • Men’s side: 2 toilets, 2 urinals and a hand sink
  • Ladies’ side: 3 toilets and 2 hand sinks
  • Air conditioning, heating and hot water
  • Connection to a ½-inch water supply line
  • Clean water tank capacity: 200 gal./758 L
  • Wastewater tank capacity: 680 gal./2,576 L

Event restroom trailers: the ultimate in comfort

14 unitésAre you planning a mega-event, such as a wedding, company party, outdoor exhibition or festival? If you anticipate having a large number of people, a restroom trailer that offers a lot of space will be necessary. It will allow you to say goodbye to waiting lines in front of the bathroom!

Here are some of the advantages of the Event model restroom trailer.

  • Men’s side: 3 toilets, 4 urinals and 2 hand sinks
  • Ladies’ side: 7 toilets, 1 changing table and 4 hand sinks
  • Air conditioning, heating and hot water
  • Connection to a ½-inch water supply line
  • Valance
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Optional autonomous water supply
  • Wastewater tank holding 1,300 gal./5,900 L or connection to sewer network

Fiesta restroom trailer: nine units

Other types of portable toilets are available for all-season events. One of these is the Fiesta model trailer, which offers air conditioning, an electric water heater and no fewer than nine spaces for men and women.

Restroom trailer rentals: demand quality

For the lease of a deluxe chemical toilet that will meet or exceed your expectations, you can count on the expertise of the team at Sanibert. We offer full sanitary services for the residential and commercial sectors.

*Header image for reference only, we have luxurious chemical toilets … but not at this point 😉