A chemical toilet is a portable toilet that people can use when they are away from traditional facilities. They are usually found at construction sites, fairs, concerts and other large outdoor gatherings.

Chemical toilets are also used in trailers, isolated cabins, on boats or in any other means of transportation.

So how do chemical toilets work and how can you take full advantage of them?

How chemical toilets work

Portable toilets are made up of 4 basic components

  • Toilet seat
  • Disposal tank
  • Flushing mechanism (optional)
  • Washbasin and soap dispenser (optional)

The chemical toilet removes and transports waste like a conventional toilet, but the waste is not disposed of in a sewer. It is dumped in a retention tank underneath. This tank is located inside the portable toilet unit under the seat.

Chemical toilets use chemicals to prevent offensive odours spreading. Deodorizing products are now based on botanical extracts and enzymes that work at two levels:

  • They preserve waste, which prevents it from decomposing and creating additional odours.
  • They emit a strong and pleasant aroma to mask bad smells

Emptying the chemical toilet

Portable toilets are emptied using a vacuum truck. This tank contains all the solid and liquid waste that should be emptied in sites designated for that purpose.

For health safety reasons and to avoid groundwater contamination, toilet waste should be emptied into an appropriate facility such as a sewage disposal station. Chemical toilets should be maintained and cleaned regularly by replenishing chemicals and water in order to maintain hygiene standards.

Benefits of Chemical Toilets

Chemical toilets offer several advantages:

  • Perfect for outdoor events
  • Chemicals are available in small bags for dosed and economical use
  • Comfortable and transportable
  • Easy to use and clean

Restroom trailers

For your construction sites or for your major events, you can rent comfortable restroom trailers. Equipped with all sanitary equipment (toilets, urinals, washbasins) and all accessories (mirrors, hand dryers, soap dispensers, etc.). They ensure a clean and adapted use, even for long periods.

You can even get insulated, air-conditioned and heated sanitary trailers to protect you from the harsh Quebec winter.

Sanibert  restroom trailers are made of solid, resistant and environmentally friendly materials. They are also checked after each use.

Their interior design and finish make maintenance easier and bring a lot of ease to its users.

Rent quality chemical toilets and restroom trailers

Sanibert, sceptic tank company, offers the rental of different models of portable toilets and restroom trailers to meet your specific needs.

To find out more, visit our portable toilet rental, trailer toilets and accessories page.