The maintenance of your septic tank is essential to its proper functioning. The better your septic tank is maintained, the more efficient and long-lasting it will be. Here are some tips for maintaining your sanitation facility.

When should your septic tank be emptied?

First of all, it is important to empty your septic tank every two years or so. This may be revised up or down depending on the number of users. To know if your septic tank needs to be emptied, you can use a Mudline Sludge controller, which is a device specially designed to measure the level of sludge accumulation.

If you notice that your tank is half full or more, this is a sign that it must be emptied and cleaned.

Why must your septic tank be maintained?

Proper maintenance of your septic tank will save you a lot of inconvenience, such as mud upwelling due to tank saturation, or bad smells that may spread and cause discomfort to the occupants.

Not only will these odours be present around the tank, but also in your bathroom pipes, so you could end up with sewer odours when you shower or brush your teeth. Problems with the drainage of toilet water could also occur, which is never pleasant.

Doing business with an expert

Your septic tank is blocked or needs to be cleaned? A professional must do the job. He will issue a certificate attesting to the Public on-site Sanitation Service that the tank was drained and cleaned.

Not only will the professional be able to clean your tank in accordance with the rules of the trade, but he will also check other parts of your sanitation system and make sure it’s working properly. In any case, the intervention of a professional will assure you that the work is done correctly and that your septic tank works well.

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