Leasing a mobile toilet? Which one should you choose?

Do you foresee the need to rent mobile toilets for a worksite or large-scale event? As with any other product, there are different types of chemical toilets available on the market. To help you make the most appropriate choice for your needs, here are some practical tips! 

Mobile toilets

Chemical toilets are essential for ensuring the comfort of the guests at events like private celebrations, weddings, graduation ceremonies and anniversaries, and are also an indispensable part of any construction site or campsite. However, the most suitable type of sanitary facilities will depend on various factors. For example, did you know that chemical toilets with a sink are mandatory on jobsites with more than 25 workers?

As a general guideline, here are some different types of mobile toilets, each with its own unique features:

Regular toilets: these are ideal for use at construction sites, mass events and parks. Available options include lighting, 120 V hookups, latches and padlocks.

Crane lift portable toilets: also practical for use on worksites, these portable toilets are equipped with a hook, allowing them to be lifted by a crane.

Bank of urinals: this is a very practical solution for men working outdoors or attending any type of event. Equipped with five urinals per unit and large-capacity (300 gal.) tanks, a bank of urinals eliminates the need to wait in line to use a unisex toilet. The unit is blocked off by a partition for added privacy.

Mini flush and camping toilets: these two small-format portable toilets are perfect for use during renovation work at home or at the office.

Insulated heated toilets: there’s no need to brace the cold in your underwear with these portable toilets equipped with interior or exterior insulation, as well as a 120 V heater.

Accessible toilets: specially designed for wheelchairs, these toilets are equipped with three support rails and a lowered floor to facilitate access. Also available with a changing table.

Deluxe toilets: ideal for small, more sophisticated events, these luxury and Deluxe toilets include a foot-pump washbasin, soap dispenser, paper towels, a mirror, a trash can and a 120 V hookup for the light.

Children’s toilets: specially designed for kids, these portable toilets are equipped with a step inside to help children reach the seat more easily. Perfect for children’s parties and family celebrations.

Restroom trailers

Essential for large worksites and outdoor events like weddings and celebrations, restroom trailers offer a hygienic sanitary facility that’s easy to adapt to individual needs.

When you opt for the basic sanitary unit, you can expect at least a toilet, a urinal and a sink, as well as:

  • Heating and hot water
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • A 75 gal./340 L clean water tank
  • A 110 gal./500 L wastewater tank

More elaborate models offer features such as air conditioning, separate facilities for men and women, variable dimensions (wider or deeper) and the possibility of being connected to the sewer line.

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