Leasing toilet facilities for a wedding: the available options

Are you organizing a wedding and you’d like to offer the attendees maximum comfort? If so, you’ll definitely need to lease restroom trailers, those mobile toilets that are such an essential part of any large-scale outdoor event. By offering your guests clean, accessible bathroom facilities, you’ll help ensure that the event goes smoothly.

To help you choose the perfect toilet for a wedding, here are some of the options that are available to you.

Restroom trailers: much more than just working toilets

You have a wide range of restroom trailers to choose from to meet your needs. While it’s possible to lease a purely functional basic sanitary unit (comprising a toilet, urinal, and sink), you also have access to models offering additional options. Some toilets even offer features like air conditioning, separate facilities for men and women, and the possibility of being connected to the sewer line. The main thing is to clearly identify your needs, the expected number of guests, and what you’d like to offer them in terms of comfort (all while staying within your budget, of course).

Different types restroom trailers

The Luxurious trailer: for weddings and anniversaries

sanitary facilities rental for wedding
Among the most popular restroom trailers for weddings, you’ll find the Luxurious model. It’s ideal for any type of posh event. Luxurious restroom trailers are like residential restroom, with a toilet cabin for men and another one for women, each one including soap dispenser, paper towels, a mirror, a trash can, and a 120 V hookup for lighting the premises. Perfect for even your most refined guests, the Luxurious trailer is an excellent choice for weddings.

Other features of the Luxurious trailer:

  • Heating, hot water and air conditioning
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • A 165 gal./750 L clean water tank
  • A 370 gal./1,700 L wastewater tank
  • A length of 12 feet
  • A width of 6 feet

The Event trailer

event sanitary trailer
Are you expecting a large number of attendees? The Event trailer offers 14 spots to meet the needs of your guests. With a length of 36 feet and a width of 8 feet, this restroom trailer is equipped with a 1,300 gal./5,900 L wastewater tank. It can also be connected to the sewer line. Like the Luxurious trailer, they include air conditioning, heating, hot water, and interior and exterior lighting.

Depending on the scope of your event, other models of restroom trailers are also available (ranging from 3 to 9 spots).

A touch of imagination?

There’s nothing stopping you from adding your own personal touch! Since decorations are always in abundance at weddings, why not embellish your restroom trailer with some pretty flowers, plants and little wicker baskets to hold the toilet paper? We bet your guests will practically feel at home!

We have just the toilet you need for your wedding!

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