When we talk of a septic tank, the idea of foul smell comes to mind. This is perfectly normal since there is decomposition of organic waste. The presence of the microbial flora is essential for the degradation of matter. This contributes to odour control. Wanting to clean the pit with cleaning products could destroy the bacteria. An essential fact to know is that if there are not enough bacteria present, the waste will be abundant and very smelly… Know, however, that there exists a perpetual odour in a septic tank. This must be contained.

Common causes of odour infiltration in the house

Dry or dirty drains are frequent problems. You should add water or clean the U-shaped pipe. The latter must have a water reserve. Thus, the gases are retained and cannot escape. In case of lack of water or presence of dirt, a bad smell occurs in the house. We often observe this phenomenon in the washroom.

The plumbing vent is used to evacuate the foul air. The gases escape from there and avoid stagnation in the pit. Otherwise, the odour is redirected towards the drain and the house. Toxic fumes can cause discomfort or even an increased risk of flammability…

The winter cold causes frost which sometimes makes the vent inoperative. Snow and ice tend to cover it. It is most of the time the roof vent connected to the plumbing system which does not work. The drain ventilation is compromised. In this case, it is necessary to carefully check on the roof. Our professionals at Sanibert are specialized in these tasks.

Septic tank odour outside the house

The wind can blow the odour coming from the septic tank. The odour will be intermittent depending on the wind direction. In addition, the leach field can be clogged. This is the case if it is obsolete. It then generates bad smells.

Surface water or groundwater can flow into the pit. Foul-smelling overflows are to be expected. A non-watertight lid is another cause of septic tank odours. Make sure to inspect the lid. It can be a simple leak.

In all situations, we must be careful when we detect a septic tank odour. Be aware and do not hesitate to call Sanibert’s experts. We are versatile in our field. For this reason, we also rent restroom trailers. Find out about our services.