Maintenance schedule for worksite toilets

When a contractor is getting ready to break ground on a construction site, it’s essential to take the installation of sanitary facilities into consideration. The contractor must choose the right model and right number of units based on several parameters, including the location and duration of the work, the number of workers who will be on-site, the models available for lease (toilets, showers, hand sinks, urinals, etc.), the waste disposal method, etc.

According to current construction site regulations, worksites with fewer than 25 workers must have at least one chemical toilet, which must be drained on a weekly basis. On the other hand, if the worksite employs 25 or more workers, it’s mandatory to provide at least one flushing toilet, as well as a hand sink supplied with clean, warm water. It’s also essential to provide various supplemental products such as hand soap in order to ensure good hygiene. As a general rule, there should be one worksite toilet for every 15 to 20 employees.

Obviously, the sanitary facilities must be kept clean and in good working order to guarantee proper hygiene for the workers.

How often should maintenance be performed on chemical toilets?

Cleaning a worksite toilet is indispensable for ensuring the cleanliness of the premises. This fairly simple service is often proposed and provided by the company that leased out the mobile toilet.

The frequency of maintenance, which is usually weekly, has been increased since last year in order to guarantee the safety of all workers and minimize the risks of transmitting COVID-19. As a result, construction sites have implemented stricter regulations. To adapt to these requirements and ensure good hygiene, companies like Sanibert that lease sanitary equipment now offer more frequent maintenance services for all of the sanitary facilities they rent out, including restroom trailers, chemical toilets, hand sinks, etc.

Check out this article to learn more about the new hygiene regulations that have been implemented on construction worksites.

camion avec toilette portative

What does professional mobile toilet maintenance consist of?

To ensure proper hygiene, as well as the safety of the people using the worksite toilet, it’s important to follow a number of specific steps during the regular maintenance process :

  • Draining the tank. Depending on the model of chemical toilet, draining the organic waste tank (built in or removable) may be accomplished in various ways.
  • Replacing the water
  • Cleaning the inside of the chemical toilet. The inside of the unit must be cleaned and disinfected in its entirety (including the walls, toilet seat, etc.), using products that eliminate bacteria and foul odors.
  • Adding the finishing touches for subsequent use of the unit
  • This includes adding a blue deodorizing product, changing the toilet paper rolls, filling up the soap dispenser, etc.

At Sanibert, we adjust and adapt to our clients in order to better meet their mobile toilet maintenance needs. Would you like to have your worksite toilets serviced more regularly? Don’t hesitate to contact us!