Increase in the frequency of maintenance on bathroom facilities and increased rentals of units with sinks

How are we adapting to the new hygiene regulations?

Every sector of our society has had to adapt to the new routine imposed by the pandemic. Construction worksites are no exception, as they must obey a certain number of new hygiene regulations. These stricter regulations are absolutely necessary to guarantee everyone’s safety, both in the active work zone and in the surrounding areas. One of the principal measures directly affects bathroom facilities, which are often considered a potential hotspot for COVID-19 transmission.

Between staying on schedule, applying changes, and dealing with people’s concerns, how do companies that lease worksite toilets and hand sinks comply with the frequency of maintenance that is required to be performed on their facilities? How do they adapt to the new hygiene regulations that are currently in effect?

Safety and cleanliness are everyone’s responsibility

Responding to the new regulations and being equipped with the required personal protective equipment while working on the frontlines can prove to be a real headache. Out of sensitivity to these concerns, Sanibert, a specialist in sanitary services, including worksite hand sink and toilet rentals, has adopted specific disinfection and sanitation procedures all across the board. The goal? To guide and support worksite managers and ensure everyone’s safety during these difficult times.

Since March 23, 2020, in addition to the strict cleaning guidelines already in place, we have implemented the use of an antibacterial solution, increased the frequency of maintenance we perform on our rental toilets and equipped certain worksites with self-contained handwashing solutions. The teams at Sanibert are offering more frequent maintenance service on all of the bathroom facilities for lease (restroom trailers, chemical toilets, hand sinks, etc.).

The maintenance teams are equipped with impervious gloves and alcohol-based sanitizer gel to protect themselves and others at all times. Finally, the insides of our vehicles are disinfected every day.

The new hygiene regulations and rentals of units with hand sinks

Under a set of regulations that were implemented in 2016, large construction worksites (with 25 or more people) in Quebec are obligated to provide their personnel with flushing toilets, as well as portable hand sinks that are supplied with clean, warm water. The regulations are less stringent for smaller worksites, as they don’t systematically require units with hand sinks.

In fact, the Workplace Regulation, Equity, Health and Safety Commission (known by its initials in French, CNESST), the Public Health Expertise and Reference Centre and the Safety Code for the Construction Industry all stipulate that a chemical toilet must be made available to teams consisting of 1 to 24 members, while a flushing toilet and portable hand sink must be made available to teams with 25 or more members.

Since May 4, 2020, the guidelines governing the rental of these types of sanitary facilities have been reinforced. Currently, sanitary service companies are experiencing a dramatically increased demand for units with hand sinks: more than 90 percent of worksites are now requesting chemical toilets with hand sinks, in comparison with only 40 percent before the pandemic. These units must be supplied with soap and equipped with a hand dryer. If paper towels are used, a sufficient number of waste bins—preferably of the hands-free type—must be provided.

Obviously, both the hand sinks and the toilets must be kept clean and maintained in proper working order at all times. CNESST recommends cleaning and disinfecting them at least two times during each work shift—once at the halfway point and once again at the end.

Your specialist in sanitary services

To ensure that the lease, cleaning and maintenance of worksite toilets and hand sinks is managed smoothly, Sanibert continues working tirelessly, guiding and supporting clients and helping them understand the new regulations more clearly in order to safeguard the health of everyone involved. The magic words during these difficult times are mobilization, information and precaution.

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