Are you coordination manager? Are you aware of the laws and regulations governing sanitation on construction sites? You must acknowledge that the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité au travail as well as the Safety Code for the Construction Industry, strictly supervise and enforce the installation of toilets for the workers in accordance with the law.

Number of toilets per person on construction sites

When you are site supervisor, you have the obligation to provide your employees with sanitary facilities that comply with the regulations in force, and this, from the first day of work. But how do you know how many toilets you need to install? In fact, it’s simple. You need to provide a toilet for every 30 workers even if they are not all on the job site at the same time.

Regulations of the Labor Code

Your construction project is progressing well. You respect the deadlines and your installations respect the health and safety standards. But are you really sure that all of your installations are adequate? Have you checked the conformity of your toilets? Yes, depending on the size of your project, be aware that the regulations on toilets change.

– Worksite of 25 workers or less: For a small job site, you have to provide at least one chemical toilet to your employees.

– Worksite with 25 or more workers: You must provide to your employees a flush toilet and a washbasin supplied with clean and warm water. It is also essential to provide the various complementary products for good hygiene such as hand soap. In addition, toilets must be located within 150 m (500 ft) of the workplace and must not be more than 4 storeys above or below the workplace. Entry into force of these regulations in the Safety Code for Construction Works (CSTC).

Regulations of the Labor Code


Portable toilet or trailer toilet?

In order to comply with legislative standards, it is very important to provide the best sanitary facilities. To do this, don’t hesitate to do business with a specialized company such as Sanibert Inc. We offer a wide range of portable toilets for you to choose the best product to suit your needs.

portable toilets
Your job requires a team of more than 25 workers. Several options are available to you. You can choose to rent portable (chemical) toilets that include all the amenities required by labor standards, that is, a flushing toilet, a pedestal sink, a soap dispenser, hand paper, a mirror and a trash can or you can always opt for a toilet trailer.


Easily transportable and movable, the building site trailer toilet offers several significant benefits. To begin with, it includes both a 100 GL clean water tank and a 370 GL wastewater tank as well as all the additional services required by law. It also offers two separate health areas, one for women and one for men. The fact that it has air conditioning and heating also allows you to use it in any season, 365 days a year.

trailer toilet - plan trailer toilet
Your job site covers a considerable area and you have many workers spread over several sectors? So why not pair these two options? For the busiest areas, choose a toilet trailer for greater efficiency and for areas with less activity opt for portable toilets. Regardless of the choice you make, always keep in mind the various laws so that your site remains compliant with the requirements of the Safety Code for construction work and respect the number of toilets required per person. Need advice? Contact Sanibert Inc. professionals