We’re not kidding ourselves, summer is the season of festivals. This is the time of year when we find ourselves with family or friends to celebrate, have fun, vibrate to the rhythm of the music from here and abroad and share exceptional moments. But, whether in the heart of Montreal, in beautiful small villages or in the comfort of a private property, there is always something never to forget … the toilets! We know what this means, sanitary facilities are essential for any major event. Imagine going to festivities, a concert or even entertaining people on your property without toilets! This is a problem that brings a lot of complications! So, knowing that toilets are paramount when planning an outdoor event, one question remains. How many toilets should you rent? Not always easy to answer this question, isn’t it? Here is an article that will inform you.

Number of toilets per person at an outdoor event.

As a general rule, it is highly recommended to calculate a portable toilet per15 people. Although there is no specific obligation to respect, this ratio is the one generally used for events. But that’s not all. Although the number of people expected is important, when planning to rent portable toilets for your event you must consider several other factors. To begin with, you must consider the number of hours the festivities will last. Indeed, if your family reunion, your concert or your festival lasts two hours or six hours it will not require the same volume of toilets. In addition, if you offer food and beverages, you will need to consider increasing from 10% to 15% your planned sanitary facilities.               

      Here is a small suggestive chart that could help you.  

tableau nombre toilettes Sanibert                             

 Chemical toilets, toilet trailers and accessories

Is your event a major event? You’re expecting several hundred people and the areas dedicated to the festivities are vast and scattered everywhere around the site? So, be sure your sanitary facilities are wisely dispersed throughout the areas where the activities take place. Be aware that it is mandatory that you consult the guide Outdoor events – Fairs, carnivals and festival of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), to provide a sufficient number of toilets, and close to the built facilities.

You must also consider the public that will be present. If your clientele is diverse, we recommend that you provide not only regular toilets, but also toilets adapted for people with reduced mobility and children’s toilets. Also consider providing sanitary accessories such as portable sinks. This sanitation service will be greatly appreciated by the users who will be able to wash their hands thus avoiding the propagation of microbes.

Are you planning a more intimate event such as a wedding or family reunion and want more luxurious and stylish sanitary facilities? We hear you! Have you ever thought about renting a toilet trailer? Simple, spacious and luxurious, they offer all the comfort and refinement you need. Offering 2 to 14 seats, the trailer toilets are sanitary facilities that are worth their weight in gold! You will never be uncomfortable or even disgusted to go to the bathroom. No need to hold back! You will even be curious to discover their interior.

Need more information or would you like to rent portable toilets for outdoor events? Contact professionals in the field, contact Sanibert!