Portable toilets and restroom trailers: a comparison

Construction worksites, festivals and fairs… No matter what type of outdoor event it is, it will require sanitary facilities. This part is obvious. What’s less obvious is which type of facility to choose.

You have two possibilities: portable toilets and restroom trailers. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, and even if the size of the gathering weighs heavily in the balance, your final choice will also depend on your needs, the expected clientele and other considerations that you may not even have thought of but that could make a difference.

Portable toilet or restroom trailer? Criteria to take into account

Placement and security

Portable toilets are autonomous for the most part. If you don’t have access to the power grid or a generator, they’re your best option. The most crucial point? Safety and accessibility for regular maintenance. You must ensure that they don’t hinder the work in progress and that they don’t present any danger to employees who need to use them. Unlike restroom trailers, some models are equipped with a crane-lift hook, making it easier to move them from place to place. However, toilet trailers aren’t necessarily out of the question, especially if you have more than 25 workers onsite. While restroom trailers may not be appropriate for some hard-to-reach locations, don’t lose sight of the fact that you can combine them with portable toilets to meet the needs of your worksite or event.

Maintenance and odor control

When it comes to maintenance, the two solutions are equal, as they’re both subject to a stricter, more frequent cleaning regime to respond to recent sanitary requirements brought on by the pandemic. On the other hand, odor will be less of a problem in the case of restroom trailers. Better flushing and ventilation systems make using them a more pleasant experience. Who hasn’t at one time or another regretted using a portable toilet that has been sitting under the blazing sun a bit too long?


When it’s a question of budgetary concerns, portable toilets have the advantage. Since they’re less expensive, easy to install and easy to move, wouldn’t they be your best option? Not necessarily, especially when you take the human factor into account.

Portable toilet or restroom trailer? Human considerations


Portable toilets are frequently used, but that doesn’t mean that they’re always the most appropriate option. One striking example? Winter worksites! Better insulated and more comfortable, restroom trailers offer a little respite to workers hoping to warm up a bit. And in the summer? Thanks to air conditioning, they can help workers cool off and can even serve as an added safety measure, helping them better manage the extreme heat during the dog days of summer.

Event type and clientele

Let’s take a moment to think about festivals, fairs and private events, like weddings. Especially in the case of the latter, you might want facilities that are a little more chic, with a mirror, a waste basket and an area where guests can change clothes.

When it comes to preventing long waiting lines, portable toilets have the upper hand. While restroom trailers provide at least two sanitary units, they take up much more room. You could line up a lot more portable toilets in the same amount of space. When combined with portable sinks, they’re perfect for ensuring cleanliness at busy, crowded sites.

While portable toilets may seem like a simple, affordable all-around solution, restroom trailers can respond to certain requirements, especially in terms of the user experience.

When you need to lease portable toilets or restroom trailers for your worksite or event, you can rely on the professionals at Sanibert. They’ll help you find the compromise that works best for you, so you can comply with regulations without sacrificing the comfort of your employees and guests.

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