Factors influencing the price of a rental toilet

Chemical toilets are essential for construction worksites and large outdoor events. Depending on the number of people who will be present, given the size of the worksite or the type of event you’re organizing, you can choose from a full range of options in mobile toilets and restroom trailers.

But when the time comes to make your final decision, you might be tempted to choose the least expensive option. That’s perfectly normal! However, it would be a mistake to base your decision solely on the rental price of a toilet, as there are numerous other factors to consider when determining which one will best suit your needs.

Elements to take into consideration when leasing a toilet

Customer service

It’s never a good idea to choose any product—no matter how attractive the price—without first verifying the quality of the customer service offered by the company providing that product. The seriousness and professionalism of any company can be gauged by the knowledge and qualifications of its personnel. It’s also very reassuring to know that you can reach someone at any time in the event that you have questions regarding how to use the equipment or you require emergency maintenance services or additional accessories.

Type of toilet

What kind of event or worksite do you need to lease a chemical toilet for? How many toilets will be required? You can choose from numerous different types of toilets, depending on your needs. Naturally, you’ll find regular toilets, but also roomier, even luxurious toilets, heated toilets, restroom trailers with hand sinks and toilets for people with reduced mobility.

If comfort and hygiene are particularly important to you (and hygiene is more important than ever in these times of pandemic), don’t hesitate to inquire about the included features and opt for a toilet equipped with a hand sink.

Here are some examples of toilets with options that may affect the price:
  • Portable toilets : regular; with hand sink; for children; with disabled access; heated; etc.
  • Restroom trailers and sanitary suites : heating options; hand sink with hot water; lighting; air conditioning; interior decoration; etc.

Frequency of maintenance

Times like these call for rigorous hygienic measures! With the threat of the corona virus hanging over us since the beginning of 2020, our team members have rolled up their sleeves and increased the frequency with which they clean our rental toilets. To meet the new public health requirements, we’ve adopted specific disinfection procedures. Ensuring the safety of our clientele by consistently offering impeccably clean products is one of our top priorities.

Wintertime toilet rentals

Installing portable toilets in the middle of winter? It’s possible! As necessitated by the cold, several options are available to ensure maximum comfort: insulation and heating; hand sinks with hot water; shelves and coat hooks; not to mention natural (or electric) lighting; dispensers for toilet paper, paper towels and soap; etc. So prices will vary depending on the options selected and the size of the toilet or restroom trailer.

Full sanitary services

Are you looking for a reliable company that offers reasonable prices on the lease of restroom trailers or worksite toilets? You can count on the expertise and know-how of Sanibert for impeccable work and incomparable service. We cover the residential, commercial and municipal sectors.