Sewer cleaning and municipal sanitary services

Maintenance, cleaning or pumping of sanitary facilities

camion pour nettoyage des égouts

You can count on Sanibert to maintain, clean and pump out your municipal sanitary systems. Armed with all the necessary equipment and more than 30 years of experience, their team can offer you all-inclusive sanitary services.

  • Catch basins, parking lot drains
  • Manhole cleaning
  • Culvert cleaning
  • Drain unblocking
  • Municipal sewer cleaning
  • Pumping station maintenance
  • Valve boxes
  • Valve chambers
  • Truck pumping
  • Hydro excavation
  • Camera inspection

We send all waste (liquid and solid) to sites accredited by the Quebec government (MDDELCC) where it is treated according to environmental standards.

The techniques and equipment used allow us to remove any obstruction—whether big or small—from pipes. Depending on the situation encountered, we intervene in problems related to kitchens, toilets, main sewers, and floor drain lines, as well as other similar situations in residential, commercial and municipal settings

Pipeline inspection by camera

A camera inspection can help you determine the source of one or several problems and therefore eliminate many headaches.

A camera on a pole with a 400X zoom allows preliminary inspection without any cleaning of the pipeline between two access points in a straight line.

Our video inspection system allows us to inspect the inside of the pipeline or drain with a high-resolution, colour camera. It lets us identify the causes of an obstruction and targets problems such as: broken or fractured pipes, misaligned joints, water infiltration, etc. An inspection report will be provided after analysis.

Perche, zoom et mini caméra pour inspection de conduite

For the maintenance of sewer, drains and street pins, it’s Sanibert you need!