Septic tank cleaning

We provide emptying, maintenance and cleaning services for your septic tank, as well as cleaning your disposal field. If you wish, we can also provide you with a written report of the work we’ve done. You can rest assured that our specialists will be able to answer all your questions and will not leave your home without having informed you of any warnings and essential recommendations for the proper use of your septic tank.

Residential services

  • Emptying septic tanks
  • Septic system maintenance
  • Disposal field cleaning with high-pressure unit
  • Catch basin
  • Mini-camera inspection


According to regulation Q-2, R.8 (ART. 13) on the evacuation and treatment of used water, it is recommended that you empty your septic tank every two years for a year-round home, and every four years for a seasonal home.

A poorly maintained septic installation or one that is in bad shape could compromise the quality of your environment and harm the lifespan of your septic system.

Pipeline inspection by camera


A camera inspection can help you determine the source of one or several problems and therefore eliminate many headaches.

A camera on a pole with a 400X zoom allows preliminary inspection without any cleaning of the pipeline between two access points in a straight line.

Our video inspection system allows us to inspect the inside of the pipeline or drain with a high-resolution, colour camera. It lets us identify the causes of an obstruction and targets problems such as: broken or fractured pipes, misaligned joints, water infiltration, etc. An inspection report will be provided after analysis.