Concerned about the health of your employees using our toilets and washbasins, we are implementing a specific procedure for disinfecting our equipment from next Monday 23 March 2020.

This process is in addition to the regular maintenance carried out on the toilets.

To summarize, here is how we will proceed:

  1. Pumping and washing the toilets identical to our current process.
  2. Spraying a bactericidal solution on everything that is likely to be touched by users (door handles and around inside and outside, toilet bowl, toilet paper holder, soap dispenser if present).

We have also taken the following measures to ensure the safety of our employees:

  • Our employees are equipped with waterproof gloves for operations on your sites and bactericidal gel in their vehicle to be used as soon as they enter in the truck.
  • The interiors of our vehicles are disinfected every evening.

Be assured that we do everything possible to continue to accompany you during this difficult period.

Our teams stay mobilized and available for you.

Accessories Rental

Wash basin and hand sanitizer dispenser rentals

To go along with your lease of one or more portable toilets, various accessories are available to offer you an even better experience. These include rentals of portable wash basins and hand sanitizer dispensers. All of our portable hand sinks are self-sufficient, including their own clean water and waste water tanks.

Lavabo double

Double hand washing station

2 soap dispensers

2 paper towel holders

Foot pump

About 900 uses

Lavabo quadruple

Quadruple hand washing station

4 soap dispensers

4 paper towel holders

Foot pump

About 325 uses

Lavabo portatif

Portable hand washing station

On wheels

1 soap dispenser

1 paper towel holder

About 200 uses

*110V hot water option

Remorque lavabo

Washbasin trailer

8 stainless steel sinks

20gl heater, 120V connection

Sinks equipped with a push button

230gl/870L clean water, 250gl/945L used water tanks

Includes soap and paper towels

The unit is completely autonomous and can be connected to a water line or sewer.

Other available sanitary accessories

Sanibert also has other sanitary accessories for rent. For example, you can lease portable showers (garden hose required), 250- or 300-gallon tanks, and generators with a light tower to illuminate the area where your sanitary facilities are located. The models that are displayed may be leased subject to availability.



Portable unit that requires a garden hose room temperature water.

Ideal for campgrounds, farms and construction sites.



Quick and effective installation.

250gl (945L)

300gl (1131L)

Tour de lumière

Light tower

120-240V, AC 30A generator. 60-hour autonomous use.

6m/20ft mast including 4 high-intensity lights that cover 5 to 7 acres/20,000 square meters and more.

Do you need additional information?

Our consultants are always here for you.