You’re having a home built on a lot that is not connected to the municipal sewer system? Did you know that you have to install a septic system, also called a self-contained sewage treatment system? With regard to wastewater treatment, be advised that the regulations are very strict and that professionals must supervise the work.

Septic tank regulations: the use of experts

Under the laws and the septic tank regulations adopted by the Government of Quebec, you should know that before proceeding to the installation of a septic tank, you must have a municipal permit authorizing you to proceed. And if you think you can install it yourself, think again!

As specified by the Regulation Respecting Wastewater Disposal Systems for Isolated Residences, only the members of a recognized professional corporation such as l’Ordre des ingénieurs, des technologues ou des géologues can proceed to the installation of a wastewater filtration system.

Why? Simply because it requires specific skills and it is necessary not only to take into account the design of the installation, but also its location and type of soil.

As a matter of fact, sites are not similar and soil types may vary depending on the area. That’s why it is essential to consult the municipality for more specific information and the necessary permit to do the work.

The appointed experts must verify that the site chosen for the construction of a building has the characteristics required to install a septic system in conformity with the regulations and at the same time meet the needs of the building. If the soil is considered inadequate, then the construction cannot be done.

But the soil is not the only consideration. It is also very important to respect minimum distances between the tile field and a well, a watercourse, a tree, the boundaries of the property, etc.

Inspection and verification

You already own a sanitary facility for wastewater treatment? Perfect, but have you thought of inspecting and checking your installation? For those who believe that this kind of supervision is not necessary, you must know that a defective septic tank can have serious consequences on the environment.

First of all, a wastewater leak can contaminate drinking water wells, but also deteriorate the natural environment. This not only has an impact on nature, but also on your health. Think about blue-green algae in the lakes of Quebec.

Tax credit

Have you noticed that odors are coming out of your septic tank, that the water of your bath drains with difficulty and that the soil on top of your septic installation is soggy? It may be time to contact your Sanibert specialist .

Changing a defective septic installation for a septic tank that respects the new regulations can be very expensive. That is why, on March 28, 2017, the Quebec government announced the creation of a refundable tax credit for bringing up to standards residential wastewater treatment facilities

“Effective from 2017 to 2022, this tax credit aims to support homeowners who must undertake repairs to their septic systems. The financial assistance granted by this tax credit can reach up to $ 5,500 per qualifying home, corresponds to 20% of the part, exceeding $ 2,500, of admissible expenses paid by an individual to have the work done “

Sanibert: your septic tank specialist.

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