Big-city dwellers don’t have to worry about septic tanks, as the municipal sewer system manages wastewater treatment for them. However, in regional areas, this isn’t always the case. For those who aren’t connected to a municipal network, it’s essential to have a septic tank installed to treat their wastewater.

Property owners looking for a new sewage system for their home, condominium units or resort complex need one that’s not only relatively inexpensive to install, operate and maintain, but that’s also durable enough to withstand the test of time. When researching and evaluating all their options, they’ll no doubt hear about the Bionest septic system.

A durable, efficient sanitation system

Dependable and economical, the Bionest septic system is unique in that it utilizes two tanks separated by a partition. The first tank is equipped with a pre-filter, which retains any solid materials, while the second tank is equipped with non-biodegradable plastic media. The purpose of this second tank is to promote the proliferation of a bacteria culture that accelerates the decomposition process.

As a natural means of destroying the micro-organisms that are harmful to humans and the environment, this decomposition process is aided by a pump, which transports air from the home or another heated space. In order for the pump to operate, the sanitation system must be furnished with a direct supply of electricity; however, it uses very little energy.

A certain volume of water circulates constantly from the second compartment toward the first to help purify the bacteria, while most of the water flows into a leach field. A secondary treatment system certified by the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec (BNQ), the Bionest septic system can also be certified as a tertiary treatment system when the leach field is substituted by a UV disinfection lamp or if the property owner installs an embankment. However, the maintenance costs will be higher, as this type of installation requires two mandatory annual inspections by a licensed contractor.

The benefits of the Bionest septic system

This optimized system provides numerous advantages, starting with its discretion. In fact, even with a traditional size septic tank, it is completely buried so it won’t interfere with your landscaping, as the ground will remain perfectly even. The size of the leach field is also significantly reduced (by up to 66 percent), giving you more space and freedom to landscape your yard. The preassembled, modular system components are ready to be delivered as soon as you place your order, and the system takes minimal time and effort to install.

This is a permanent, odor-free system that won’t require any replacement parts, with the exception of the ultraviolet lamp, if you should choose to include one. As for the Bionest media, it comes with a twenty-year warranty and never has to be changed.

Because the air circulates continuously, the watertight Bionest septic system reproduces the natural purification processes that take place in the soil, relying on the depolluting properties of bacteria. As a result, it’s an environmentally-friendly choice that surpasses the standards of the Department of the Environment and minimizes the risks of blue-green algae growth.

Are you thinking about switching to the Bionest septic system? Contact Sanibert for more information. Our expert technicians have all the necessary skill and experience to install, maintain and empty your septic tank.